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Our sound business practices have made us the go-to place for all types of CCTV installations, networking and other related services.

Welcome to Digitek Systems

We are an experienced UK service provider, established on a solid foundation of trust and expertise, competence and reliability.
Our core team at Digitek Systems is a group of professionals who are best-in-class CCTV solutions.

Why Digitek Systems ?

It is extremely important for us to stay connected,

why choose us

Whether it’s your home or office, at Digitek Systems, we have the experience and expertise to install and configure various levels of networking from the basic peer to peer network used by small businesses and start-ups, to the server based networks.


Our Special Features on Security System

The Need for Computer Networks Integration

The ever-increasing demand and the advancements in technologies have brought about the urgent need for video surveillance systems to be integrated with computer networks for enhanced efficiency and connectivity, anytime, anywhere!

Digitek Systems offers its clients in the UK with a variety of services including networking to accommodate the modern computer network surveillance system.

Taking Care of All Your Monitoring Requirements

We offer installation services for CCTV and support services for access control, video networks and audio systems. Our networking services support the safety, security and monitoring requirements of our clients who use CCTV technology. We are proud to have delivered our best-in-class networking solutions to commercial, residential, industrial and public clients within the UK.

Our years of industry experience and skilled personnel, along with other professionals in the industry has enabled us to offer our UK clients with fully integrated and customized networking solutions. Regardless of the problem, we can help you whether you need a simple system or a networking solution for a more complex problem. We have the experience and expertise it takes to provide you with unmatched network designs and deployment services for your safety and monitoring needs.

Whatever Your Networking Needs – We’ve Got Your Covered!

We cater to all types of network services complexities!

Our end-to-end network knowledge and the familiarity our staff has in dealing with all major technologies means that our service engineers can;

•  Define the upgrades that are necessary.
•  Property identify the resources required.
•  Outline optimum sequence of events required to obtain successful network upgrades.
•  Creating backup plans.
•  Change order management.
•  All aspects of operating a network.

Get a Secure, Structured and Reliable Solution with Us!

We provide a complete range of CCTV audio and video networking solutions to homeowners and businesses in need of high-end security. Our installation experts can establish an efficient network that will allow you to view footage in real time at the comfort of your home or office.

We not only allow local access of CCTV footage, but remote access as well so you can live with the peace of mind that your premises is protected.

   Our Features



We support, In case of any technical issues or hardware issue arised, we will guide you with the perfect solution to solve the problem.



We have only experienced professionals for managing the CCTV System and to fix if any critical issue arrises.We also have multifunctionality CCTV with perfect support



We have only the latest equipment, as the technology changes we change the equipment as well. Many types of New model CCTV cameras are available with us.